Seattle Visit

Against all expectations the weather was delightfully warm and clear – as we were to hear on several occasions this was not typical dreary and overcast Seattle during July.
Our anticipation of seeing the Dennehy family after 8 years was brought to life when we saw Rennie at the airport on arriving in Seattle. Dennis looked just as he was in the Caribbean along with Michaela, Liam and Ethan having grown considerably. July 4th, Independence Day was spent at Stretch Island in South Puget Sound – such an extensive cruising ground made us think of Tasmania but a thousand times larger. Rennie’s family showed us wonderful hospitality along with some excellent evening conversations.
Visits to see Phil and Nancy, Brent and Kristen and other friends allowed us to get into the green, vibrant pine covered countryside, what a change from the dry cactus terrain in Baja California South.
Apart from having my email address of some 15 years being rather brutally terminated it was a wonderful holiday for all – hopefully we will return for a longer stay next year

Hot Days and Nights



The long hot summer has set in early with daily temps around 40 Deg C – so we finally bit the bullet and installed 2 small window air con units, again the design of Sonrisa with her two vertical forward hatches into the salon made it a very simple affair and easy to move when we want to head out.
A surprise birthday trip to Denver for 3 days to see our NZ friends went far too quickly, a chance meeting with the owner of the Union Hotel, Chad, had us kindly provided with a suite in the renovated Union Hotel. Excellent food, a very tidy and relaxed city centre made it all comfortable and enjoyable The last days of the boys school quickly approaches as we get ready for our 3 week ‘Visa’ run to Seattle.
An interesting 8 hour drive to Mulege to pick up 5 new batteries and two new fridges gave us a different view of the Sea of Cortez. After the rain from a recent cyclone all was very green and vibrant. Garth, a friend of Joss had brought the stuff down from Tucson and then carried them across from San Carlos (in a small panga). Surprisingly it all fitted in the back of our trusty Subaru – an extra 400 kilos didn’t seem to affect the old girl.
In Seattle we have 4 groups of friends to catch up with, plus as this is our first visit to the city, we are all looking forward to a new experience. Once back in mid July we are off cruising for a few weeks before the boys start in a new school.
Mel has finished another exam so some time to relax and enjoy the summer holidays.

Summer coming to La Paz

As the days get steadily warmer and longer we happily settle into the school routine, though with so many school holidays we rarely have a full 5 day week. Our wonderful little hotel in Cerritos at some $40 Australian a day means at least a couple of trips there each month.
We have found some more land to the North of Todos Santos that, while being more remote – 20 minutes from Todos, than that at Pescadero, is considerably cheaper and offers much larger blocks, even waterfront ones now become an option. Now we have to decide if this is where we might like to live one day!!
Last weekend, after finding out about another school day off, within in an hour of boy’s finishing school we headed out to Espiritu Santo Island for the weekend. Playa Bonanza, just some 3 hours from the marina is our favourite anchorage, uncrowded, and delightful long walking beach. General opinion is we should do this much more often.
Boy’s school is progressing well, Ben giving a 10 minute presentation in Spanish about Chihuahua, a northern state in Mexico – we were extremely proud of his effort. We find his homework a great way for us to also improve our Spanish.
With, apparently a strong El Nino year, which means increased possibility of cyclones moving North along the Baja peninsula, we have been taking off all sails, rigging etc (not a problem as we rarely sail anywhere these days!). Also, now looking at a small air con unit to make the hot July to October months a bit more bearable on Sonrisa – talk about dock bound!!!

Easter in the Sea of Cortez

We all looked forward to our two week cruise over Easter, just some 50 miles North of La Paz. Isla San Francisco, one of our favourite anchorages was far too busy with motor boats and the associated jet ski’s, water skiing and lack of respect for other yachts in the anchorage so we moved a few more hours North to Isla San Jose.
Secluded and deserted beaches was just what we ordered. Water was rather brisk but good for a quick plunge. An evening at San Everisto meant a meal ashore, much better than the previous restaurant. We donated some clothes and toys to the local school which works well for us opening up some storage space.
The boys happy to be back at school (along with us!). Now looking forward to our week away at the end of April – sin ninos, with thanks to the boys (surrogate) grandmother Dede from Joss. Plans for a trip to Seattle in July during the boy’s school holidays to renew Visas makes for some interesting discussion and chances to catch up with old cruising friends.

February in La Paz


After the busy January travelling we all settled back into some sort of routine through February. The dreaded Mexican flu slowly went through the family, something we will have to get used to with the boys in school.
The highlight of the month was Sam Lyons visit for a week. The last weekend spent on the Pacific Coast at Cerritos – all very relaxing and enjoyable.
Nick was a bit worse for wear after a morning’s operation on his shoulder to remove some bone spurs and torn tendons – after 3 weeks all seems to healing well.

Visa Trip to USA

As usual we need to make a 6 monthly trip out of Mexico to renew our visas – we could make a one day trip but why not have some fun on the way to see our friends! This time we visited our good friends Max and Yoon in Sonoma Valley and Gareth and Lea in Edwards, Colorado.
All went smoothly with wonderful and happy moments at both places, hospitality which has no bounds – thanks to you all !!
The snow at Edwards (near Vail) was a treat for all, the boys loving snow men, rubber donuts, sleds and for Ben a short snowmobile ride. Dad found the prices a bit on the high side!!
After a long weekend at Cerritos / Pescadero where we are looking at land we are now back in the system, Ben rushing into school, Huon more reserved and apprehensive – hopefully he will settle in quickly.

To La Paz for Christmas

As the days grew shorter, and cooler we had a delightful, sunny, calm day at Bahia Marquer, Isla Carmen for Huon’s birthday on the 14th Nov. The surrogate grandparents, Mike and Dede, as usual, being the other members of our family to enjoy the day. Dinosaur presents, apple bobbing, pin the tail on the dinosaur all went down well, along with the traditional BBQ fare.
The boys headed off south with Mike and Dede while we enjoyed a relaxing night to ourselves – a treat and rather unique. The strong Northerlies continued for a few days, the anchorage at Los Gatos only providing minimal protection from the reasonable swell. The NW end of Isla San Jose has a charming and rarely visited anchorage – Mangle Solo, as typically the beach was deserted and we were the only yacht. Walking, kayaking, beach BBQ’s never boring.
Isla San Francisco some 40 miles North of La Paz, as always, provided magic ridge walks, excellent diving and a smattering of other yachts to chat with. Unfortunately it is close enough to La Paz for the rather unseamanlike activities of large Mexican power boats, racing tenders and jet ski’s all pass far to close and oblivious to the danger they create – still pretty typical, the world over, of the nuevo rich.
A good find on the South East tip of Isla Espiritu Santo, Playa Bonanza was enjoyed for a few days, surprisingly few yachts being just some 20 miles from La Paz. The long sandy beach and rounded granite outcrops vividly reminding us of Tasmania’s East Coast, the water being decidedly warmer though.
Finally on the 1st Dec we motored back ‘into the system’ at Costa Baja Marina. The Gym, Country club, excellent showers and handy beach making it a somewhat more palatable experience compared to our normal solitude. Hire car, phones, alarm clocks at 0600 brought us back to reality. The boys settling into the Montessori del Mar school relatively easily.
Christmas was enjoyed ashore with Mike and Dede, who were also ensconced in the marina. With a month of rather hectic activity we headed back out cruising for a few weeks on Boxing Day. Mid-January sees us visiting friends in California to renew our Mexican visas. The boys resume school in February, as Mel gets back into her Nutritional Medicine studies and we see how long we can last tied to the dock.

Loreto, Cyclone Odile and Ben’s Birthday

The two weeks with Samatha around Loreto passed like a flash, what a wonderful character! The boys loved her company and we sat back while she kept us all smiling and occupied. The timing could not have been better as Samatha left on the Saturday and on Tuesday Cyclone Odile visited.

We decided to be alone in a protected anchorage on the west coast of Isla Carmen, while most other yachts in the area headed to Puerto Escondido. We measured a maximium wind speed of 52 Knots – some minor damage to the mainsail cover and a wind generator blade broke – all pretty harmless. Unfortunately in Porto Escondido, La Paz and Cabo they were not so lucky, six yachts in Escondido sunk or totaled, 3 dead in La Paz with numerous yachts damaged. While the wind and waves can be a problem, I find other yachts drifting around to be just as much of a hassle.
Ben’s 8th birthday on the 27th was a quiet day at Candeleros, presents then breakfast at the resort and late in the afternoon Grant and Denise joined us for our super hero party – I went as Super G – Super Grump ! Time marches on far too quickly, seems only days ago he was crawling around. No question, one has to make the most of every day – at least out here we can decide what to do each day while the rest of the world turns into shit.

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