Lavagna, is our Tasmanian hideaway, 25 acres of orchard and native bush overlooking the ‘Narrows’ and my favorite  surfbreak  ‘Boneyard’. Set in rural surroundings on Tasmania’s South East coast it is only an hour from Hobart and is at the centre of coastal Tasmanian cruising.  Melissa and I bought the land in 2000, one of the few sensible things we have done!  On the land were two small wooden cottages and not much else apart from scrub.
Over the following several years we organized for several acres of organic orchard, nothing serious or commercial, something that in later life Mel could use to make chutney and jams.  Like a yacht the orchard has taken up much more funding than we initially expected, so now we will try and keep it basically alive until we return for good when we have time to improve it.
We (well my best friend David McKean aka ‘Wakka’) arranged for the construction of a 20m x 10m x 6 m high ‘shed’.  Thankfully Mel got involved and a ¼ of the shed was made habitable with basic lining and floors – though insulation would have helped during the cold winters. 
The two cottages have been completely renovated, along with a tractor shed and a few hundred native trees planted.  When we eventually leave the ocean cruising life (if ever) we can look forward to building a suitable house and a similar lifestyle on Lavanga.



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