Settlin In

We are now settling back into the ‘land’ based routine, which in reality, is little different from life on Sonrisa.  Days revolve around the boys, who are now spending some (not enough?) time in school and day care.  The orchard and property and just like a yacht, one never finishes all the chores and there are always broken bits and pieces.

Mel and the boys had a great time in Adelaide visiting family and friends plus Mel’s 20th school reunion – even Mel’s terrible cold didn’t spoil the party.  Perhaps she should do it more oten?

A few cherries are ripening after the birds have had a feast, though we are much better off with the apricots which will provide Mel with a bounty to make jam and pies – yummy. Peaches, nectarines, plums are all looking pretty shabby with the wet winter and lack of attention. Quinces on the other hand are magnificent so a good load of Quince paste is on the cards.

 A fishing trip yesterday with Wakka and the boys in ‘Slippery Sid’ was a complete flop – only a few bites and not one flathead landed – so much for them jumping into the boat!  The festive season appears pleasantly subdued without the explicit capitalism – well at least down here in Marion Bay.

Perhaps one more update before 2011 finally ceases, so to all of our friends over this magic world, enjoy every day and what nature has to offer – it’s the ‘real thing’

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