San Carlos Anchorage

As I mentioned previously Plans, particularly Plan A, always seems to change.  On Friday we puttered out to the anchorage via the fuel dock.  As we still don’t use the starboard engine – a now very long story about a leaky sail drive seal – these activities can be a bit tricky, but with the tender strapped to the side all went well. 

A late breakfast at the local cantina meant we now had some new friends, two couples with very pregnant mums.  This encounter progressed to an evening meal ashore in air-conditioned comfort – quite a treat, plus dogs for Ben and Huon to play with.

Monday turned into another long day with the watermaker, one of the nylon membrane tube end caps had split between the two threaded connections – as usual, hard to understand why as when I pickled it before we left all was fine, perhaps the high temperatures caused some swelling of  the fittings.  So now another rush to get parts from Italy – and hopefully without the nightmare that Mexican customs can create.  On the bright side I made, what I thought would be a totally useless repair with some epoxy glue, which normally doesn’t like nylon surfaces. To my complete surprise, apart from a small drip, it is now working perfectly – how long it will last is the question.

Huon, is strangely, being very agreeable, from putting himself to sleep during the day to having his first piss over the side rather than on the floor or cushions.  As everyone else aboard is naked it is a bit unfair to make him wear a sweaty nappy in the heat. 

So once again no real plans apart from waiting for the watermaker part and also waiting for our new friend Clara to drop her bundle in the next week.  Perhaps a few days up the coast would be appropriate.  Though the local breakfast ashore, coffee, toast and two large plates of scrambled eggs and bacon at around $9 Aus we could easily stay for a bit.


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