Return to San Carlos

Back onboard Sonrisa in San Carlos and it’s bloody hot! It has been over 38 deg C day and night inside Sonrisa, though, after the first day when we thought our cruising had come to an end we have now acclimatized somewhat. Ben and Huon typically are unperturbed with the heat and happy to be without clothes again. Even a cold shower was not possible – in the shower block we could not tell the difference between hot & cold !

A smooth trip from San Jose flying to Phoenix and then the 10 hour bus ride to Guaymas.  The only hiccup being that we almost missed our stop in Guaymas, we were all sleeping so soundly. Customs and Immigration on both sides were completed effortlessly, in fact too easily as we still do not have a stamp in our passports, either on leaving the USA or entering Mexico.  Even when we asked for one we were told not to worry – tranquilo.  Considering how particular Immigration is at airports we wonder why they take little interest at the road borders. Again we were the only gingos on the bus, and again everyone accommodating and courteous.

 Juan, had kept Sonrisa clean and polished – such a treat to return to a tidy yacht. Yesterday, a big trip to Walmart, to stock up for the following few months, decidedly cheaper than in California or Florida. When Mel accidentally locked the keys in the truck Juan had lent us, with the temp well over 40 deg, the vegetables visibly wilting, we thought another day wasted. However a helpful (and thin wristed) local managed to wriggle an arm trough the partially lowered window, we again were grateful for unsolicited aid from these considerate people    Tomorrow, after taking the bags off the propellors, a very short trip to top up with diesel and out to the anchorage, it should be cooler as the marina is hemmed in by hills and so misses out on the pleasant afternoon sea breeze.

As usual it will take several days to get Sonrisa really ready to cruise, a trip to the masthead to return the wind speed transducer (seems silly to have it wizzing around for 3 months ), halyards re run, genoa hoisted,  etc etc.   Plan A is to head north some 80 miles to Isla Tiburon (Shark Island) sometime next week, but it is just a plan………….

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