USA Sojourn

As our 3 month sojourn in the ‘Land of Honey’ draws to a close we happily reflect on a very relaxing time.  We have to pay homage to our wonderful hosts, Filiep and Lena in Scotts Valley California, and Mike and Angela in Santa Rosa Beach Florida, without their exceptional hospitality this trip would never have eventuated !   Huon did try to spoil the tranquility with some late night screaming matches, which brings me to the rather true quote ‘Friends are like fish after a few days, they go off’

As is common to all of our travels we tried to get a ‘feel’ for America, by living in suburbia and just ‘hangin in’, without attempting to see or do too much.  That being said we did manage a 10 day RV trip up to Nappa Valley, towards Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park.  It was difficult to just pull of the side of the road as we do in Tasmania, seems like everyone congregates in RV parks.  When we asked about this we were informed that it is quite normal to stay in a Walmart parking lot, not our idea of camping!



While many of our preconceived ideas of America were true, fast food, busy highways and a disposable society the real attributes of extremely friendly and helpful people, in amongst the spectacular scenery leave us with much to appreciate about this diverse country. 

A trip to Las Vegas was at the bottom of our ‘to do’ list but when Mike offered us free flights and accommodation we readily agreed.  Again, the reality was very different from our media induced knowledge – the sheer scale of gambling, and effort, via theme hotels, to entice average people to part with their dollars was impressive to say the least.

An interesting diversion from our normal tranquil life on Sonrisa, a bit too fast and expensive for our tastes, it could be worse and while not much different to Australia and Europe, one wonders how it can all continue in such a material and consuming society.



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