Tasmania Christmas 2019

2019 was a great year for travelling, living in La Paz, BCS, sailing the magic Sea of Cortez and finally in December having a delightful trip back to Tasmania, Australia.  Time to visit our dear friends and family, walk, every morning on the secluded Marion Bay beach, tidy up the shed’s accommodation after some 13 years, clean up around the shed (fires throughout Australia kept us on our toes), visit my aging Father, John, and just generally spend time in this delightful neighborhood.

After some 18 years of owning the farm, we are now tentatively thinking about building a house on our dream spot. To make it as environmentally friendly as possible, have a design that stimulates the senses, that will provide a long term lifestyle suitable for the brisk Tasmanian climate and basically be solar and wind powered will take some thought and research – hopefully a enjoyable and rewarding experience !

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