Copper Canyon, Creel, Batopilas

After several years procrastinating about a visit to the Mexican Grand Canyon “Copper Canyon” we finally managed to arrange a week in the area in mid August 2019. The trip did not start well with the Calafia flight from La Paz (40 minutes) being delayed from 0830 to 1830 so we lost a whole day at El Fuerte, a delighful very old original Spanish town some 1.5 hours East of Las Mochilas.

An early start the next day got us on ‘El Chepe” the only remaining train line in Mexico.  While the train itself (the regular tourist one not the premium one) was a bit rocky and rolly, with broken windows, the scenery was spectacular.  Staff (in period uniforms) were great.

We finally got off at Urique, high in the canyon. Views from the Mirador hotel were spectacular, pity the hotel was such a rip of with shitty accommodation. Onto Creel with a fantastic driver Ramon, full of helpful information and side trips, Cusarare waterfalls a cool spot. A fun night in Creel exploring all the tourist shops and then the following day a 5 hour drive to the old silver mining town of Batopilas.

First night was a torrential downpour – I did a poor job of picking the hotel as it was a few clicks out of town along the river, beautiful old buildings and views – nothing else, particularly when the electricity went off. Everyone very helpful when Mel went down with guardia for a day – I tool the boys on a mule ride. Magic small family restaurant made chicken soup for Mel while we stuffed ourselves with fresh trout and other goodies.

A rather long drive back to Creel, along the same road – we will have to return for a few days riding and trekking – Huon, late in the evening also had a bad case of vomiting – not much sleep that night! For 3 hours in the morning Mel and Ben went horseriding.  Finally a comfortable bus ride to Cuachtemoc, relaxing hotel and flight back to La Paz after 7 delightful days – highly recommend the trip


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