Cool Winter Cruising

Looking back I see several months have past since the last update – such is life when cruising becomes second to domestic life ashore, school activities and the odd charter. No question time passes rapidly as one ages, the boys sprouting at an incredible rate, though at times the intelligent quota seems to be left behind.

It is now 6 months since we moved ashore to Casa Tia in the centre of downtown La Paz – a great location if only the mosquito’s would make outside living reasonable (for Mel especially).  So far so good as the anticipated high noise levels have been very subdued, and the proximity to shops etc very convenient. 10 minutes to the boy’s school and a similar time to Sonrisa makes for easy commutes.

A visit to La Duna eco  hotel with family friends, boys birthdays all passed quickly. We manage to get out every few weeks if only to Espiritu Santo.  After Christmas we enjoyed a two-week cruise back to Isla San Francisco and San Everisto – as we have invariably found winds were very light so plenty of motoring.

Spending time on Sonrisa is now a real treat as we have moved ashore and the thrill of leaving the dock to wander around is something special rather than the usual routine.

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