Hot Summer Holidays

With school holidays starting at the end of July we headed North some 120 miles to our favourite cruising grounds around Loreto.  For 5 weeks we hardly saw another yacht and enjoyed returning into the cruising mode.  The boys with their new spear fishing equipment spent plenty of time perfecting the art of hunting for dinner – they had two options – to feed us or get ‘cat fish’ to feed our hungry kittens Ghost and Dusty. Ben, in particular, doing well catching snapper and grouper our preferred dinner. WE had only one day with a bit of breeze and a few drops on the deck – truly magic cruising

For the first time while cruising I managed to spear a Mai Mai or Dolphin fish.  The boys were cleaning the days catch off the back of Sonrisa while I was swimming around the aft and along comes a nice sized Mai Mai, Ben grabbed the spear gun and I made a lucky shot.  After bringing the fish onboard after a bit of a struggle as I had no flippers I realised not really a good idea as they are rather powerful and could easily taken off with the spear gun (and me!)

Nothing had changed over the years, we visited some new anchorages and plenty of old ones.  Initially we had been dreading the heat at around the mid 30’s C day and night, but as we were on a short cruise it seemed quite bearable.

We returned to La Paz in early September just in time to prepare for cyclone Lydia, which brought lots of rain, but thankfully little wind.  Sonrisa was fine, however our house Casa Tia had some problems with a wall falling and plenty of leaks.

Now we continue removing junk from Sonrisa to prepare her for (hopefully) some charters starting in October

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