Ben’s Birthday

As we head into October, the high humidity and heat are slowly dissipating, thankfully. Still no cyclones, even with the high water temperatures, perhaps we will be lucky this year.
The last Friday of each month is a ‘teachers education day’, which means a day off for the boys – nothing like a long weekend to finish the month. This year Ben’s birthday was on the last Saturday so we had a delightful 3 days with Lindsay, Hanna and Sophie to enjoy the festivities. We motored Sonrisa the 3 odd hours to our favourite Playa Bonanza on the SE of Espiritu Santo – not another yacht to be seen.
Kale, Mel’s organic farmer friend from Pescadero, near Todos Santos had been inviting us, for some time, to come and stay at his sister’s holiday house down past Cerritos. We finally managed this during the middle of September. A delightful 3 houses on the beach front, a bit of a ‘Faulty Towers’ place with plenty of minor problems. While off the grid they have a good solar set up with 3 backup generators – all of which do not work.
The trip from La Paz was delayed by an hour as it was raining, and continued to do so for the whole weekend – really very different to the normal long hours of sunshine. The road to Cerritos passes several dry rio’s which after just a bit of rain, easily flood – one would have thought that knowing this either a bridge or proper drainage would be constructed, not in Mexico. A different mentality to say the least.
Kale had asked me if I could look at the generators, not easy to do without any suitable tools at the house, so it looks like a few visits during the week to see what the problems are, along with light fixing, general tidying up, etc.
This coming weekend is Ben’s party which we will hold at the Beach Club – no room on Sonrisa for 30 plus people !

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