Loreto Summer Holidays

After the delightful 3 weeks in Seattle and a few days provisioning in La paz we headed off to our favorite anchorages around Loreto. As we left Costa Baja marina the clothes came off – much to everyone’s pleasure and relief. The long and very hot, humid days and nights continuously in the high 30’s really drained us – surely it wasn’t like this the previous years ?
While the heat of summer makes it a bit unpleasant, the warm water and absence of other yachts was suitable compensation. Our long time friends on Joss joined us at Isla Coronados for a few social days. A couple of visits to anchorage Candeleros with its new hotel meant air conditioned breakfast’s and some wifi.
Melissa kept up with the home schooling. At least here we could control ‘electronics’ time and keep them focused on the magic, real wonders that constantly surrounded us – on the beach and in the ocean.
On our final night at Isla San Francisco, some 40 miles from La Paz we encountered the, now apparently normal, spying and disrespectful motor yachts. Not only do they anchor close, upon observing that we are all nude, come out with binoculars but also a drone that they flew just above our cockpit – camera and all ! These were American charterers, and when I kayaked over to voice my displeasure (and the obvious displeasure of the Mexican crew) they seemed to think it a perfectly normal thing to do.
No wonder we keep away from society and all the crap that goes with it – there is now so little respect for other people and their individuality (little wonder as bankers, politicians, the clergy and fanatical religious groups etc have removed all ‘faith’ in their honesty along with blatant greed)
The boys start at a new Montessori school, as they have birthdays soon, in new classes. They start school at 0700 and finish at 1530, which gives us a bit more time – for Mel to continue her studies and me to get on with plenty of boat chores.

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