Seattle Visit

Against all expectations the weather was delightfully warm and clear – as we were to hear on several occasions this was not typical dreary and overcast Seattle during July.
Our anticipation of seeing the Dennehy family after 8 years was brought to life when we saw Rennie at the airport on arriving in Seattle. Dennis looked just as he was in the Caribbean along with Michaela, Liam and Ethan having grown considerably. July 4th, Independence Day was spent at Stretch Island in South Puget Sound – such an extensive cruising ground made us think of Tasmania but a thousand times larger. Rennie’s family showed us wonderful hospitality along with some excellent evening conversations.
Visits to see Phil and Nancy, Brent and Kristen and other friends allowed us to get into the green, vibrant pine covered countryside, what a change from the dry cactus terrain in Baja California South.
Apart from having my email address of some 15 years being rather brutally terminated it was a wonderful holiday for all – hopefully we will return for a longer stay next year

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