Hot Days and Nights



The long hot summer has set in early with daily temps around 40 Deg C – so we finally bit the bullet and installed 2 small window air con units, again the design of Sonrisa with her two vertical forward hatches into the salon made it a very simple affair and easy to move when we want to head out.
A surprise birthday trip to Denver for 3 days to see our NZ friends went far too quickly, a chance meeting with the owner of the Union Hotel, Chad, had us kindly provided with a suite in the renovated Union Hotel. Excellent food, a very tidy and relaxed city centre made it all comfortable and enjoyable The last days of the boys school quickly approaches as we get ready for our 3 week ‘Visa’ run to Seattle.
An interesting 8 hour drive to Mulege to pick up 5 new batteries and two new fridges gave us a different view of the Sea of Cortez. After the rain from a recent cyclone all was very green and vibrant. Garth, a friend of Joss had brought the stuff down from Tucson and then carried them across from San Carlos (in a small panga). Surprisingly it all fitted in the back of our trusty Subaru – an extra 400 kilos didn’t seem to affect the old girl.
In Seattle we have 4 groups of friends to catch up with, plus as this is our first visit to the city, we are all looking forward to a new experience. Once back in mid July we are off cruising for a few weeks before the boys start in a new school.
Mel has finished another exam so some time to relax and enjoy the summer holidays.

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