Summer coming to La Paz

As the days get steadily warmer and longer we happily settle into the school routine, though with so many school holidays we rarely have a full 5 day week. Our wonderful little hotel in Cerritos at some $40 Australian a day means at least a couple of trips there each month.
We have found some more land to the North of Todos Santos that, while being more remote – 20 minutes from Todos, than that at Pescadero, is considerably cheaper and offers much larger blocks, even waterfront ones now become an option. Now we have to decide if this is where we might like to live one day!!
Last weekend, after finding out about another school day off, within in an hour of boy’s finishing school we headed out to Espiritu Santo Island for the weekend. Playa Bonanza, just some 3 hours from the marina is our favourite anchorage, uncrowded, and delightful long walking beach. General opinion is we should do this much more often.
Boy’s school is progressing well, Ben giving a 10 minute presentation in Spanish about Chihuahua, a northern state in Mexico – we were extremely proud of his effort. We find his homework a great way for us to also improve our Spanish.
With, apparently a strong El Nino year, which means increased possibility of cyclones moving North along the Baja peninsula, we have been taking off all sails, rigging etc (not a problem as we rarely sail anywhere these days!). Also, now looking at a small air con unit to make the hot July to October months a bit more bearable on Sonrisa – talk about dock bound!!!

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