Easter in the Sea of Cortez

We all looked forward to our two week cruise over Easter, just some 50 miles North of La Paz. Isla San Francisco, one of our favourite anchorages was far too busy with motor boats and the associated jet ski’s, water skiing and lack of respect for other yachts in the anchorage so we moved a few more hours North to Isla San Jose.
Secluded and deserted beaches was just what we ordered. Water was rather brisk but good for a quick plunge. An evening at San Everisto meant a meal ashore, much better than the previous restaurant. We donated some clothes and toys to the local school which works well for us opening up some storage space.
The boys happy to be back at school (along with us!). Now looking forward to our week away at the end of April – sin ninos, with thanks to the boys (surrogate) grandmother Dede from Joss. Plans for a trip to Seattle in July during the boy’s school holidays to renew Visas makes for some interesting discussion and chances to catch up with old cruising friends.

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