To La Paz for Christmas

As the days grew shorter, and cooler we had a delightful, sunny, calm day at Bahia Marquer, Isla Carmen for Huon’s birthday on the 14th Nov. The surrogate grandparents, Mike and Dede, as usual, being the other members of our family to enjoy the day. Dinosaur presents, apple bobbing, pin the tail on the dinosaur all went down well, along with the traditional BBQ fare.
The boys headed off south with Mike and Dede while we enjoyed a relaxing night to ourselves – a treat and rather unique. The strong Northerlies continued for a few days, the anchorage at Los Gatos only providing minimal protection from the reasonable swell. The NW end of Isla San Jose has a charming and rarely visited anchorage – Mangle Solo, as typically the beach was deserted and we were the only yacht. Walking, kayaking, beach BBQ’s never boring.
Isla San Francisco some 40 miles North of La Paz, as always, provided magic ridge walks, excellent diving and a smattering of other yachts to chat with. Unfortunately it is close enough to La Paz for the rather unseamanlike activities of large Mexican power boats, racing tenders and jet ski’s all pass far to close and oblivious to the danger they create – still pretty typical, the world over, of the nuevo rich.
A good find on the South East tip of Isla Espiritu Santo, Playa Bonanza was enjoyed for a few days, surprisingly few yachts being just some 20 miles from La Paz. The long sandy beach and rounded granite outcrops vividly reminding us of Tasmania’s East Coast, the water being decidedly warmer though.
Finally on the 1st Dec we motored back ‘into the system’ at Costa Baja Marina. The Gym, Country club, excellent showers and handy beach making it a somewhat more palatable experience compared to our normal solitude. Hire car, phones, alarm clocks at 0600 brought us back to reality. The boys settling into the Montessori del Mar school relatively easily.
Christmas was enjoyed ashore with Mike and Dede, who were also ensconced in the marina. With a month of rather hectic activity we headed back out cruising for a few weeks on Boxing Day. Mid-January sees us visiting friends in California to renew our Mexican visas. The boys resume school in February, as Mel gets back into her Nutritional Medicine studies and we see how long we can last tied to the dock.

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