Loreto, Cyclone Odile and Ben’s Birthday

The two weeks with Samatha around Loreto passed like a flash, what a wonderful character! The boys loved her company and we sat back while she kept us all smiling and occupied. The timing could not have been better as Samatha left on the Saturday and on Tuesday Cyclone Odile visited.

We decided to be alone in a protected anchorage on the west coast of Isla Carmen, while most other yachts in the area headed to Puerto Escondido. We measured a maximium wind speed of 52 Knots – some minor damage to the mainsail cover and a wind generator blade broke – all pretty harmless. Unfortunately in Porto Escondido, La Paz and Cabo they were not so lucky, six yachts in Escondido sunk or totaled, 3 dead in La Paz with numerous yachts damaged. While the wind and waves can be a problem, I find other yachts drifting around to be just as much of a hassle.
Ben’s 8th birthday on the 27th was a quiet day at Candeleros, presents then breakfast at the resort and late in the afternoon Grant and Denise joined us for our super hero party – I went as Super G – Super Grump ! Time marches on far too quickly, seems only days ago he was crawling around. No question, one has to make the most of every day – at least out here we can decide what to do each day while the rest of the world turns into shit.

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