La Cruz and Punta Mita

Almost a domestic life between Punta Mita and La Cruz as school and weekends take on a regular routine.  Some good swells have popped up over the past several weeks, so all onboard are happy.

A week (highly unusual) at the shipyard in La Cruz saw Sonrisa looking rather spiffing with polished hull, new boot top, antifouling and saildrives back in A1 condition.  The yard and contractors spot on with their quotes which was a pleasant change from the standard Mexican price inflation.

Melissa busy with her Nutritional medicine course, cramming for an exam and assignment, meant that she was very busy when we were hauled out – we rented a small bungalow just a few minutes from the shipyard where some delightful nannies / housekeepers made life somewhat more bearable. Somehow I managed to get the dreaded flu, seems like every year it takes longer to get rid of.

Mel has made some delightful local friends Angel and Rosario (Rosario owns a clothes store in Punta Mita) who have had us over for two excellent meals, so we will be looking forward to returning the hospitality on Sonrisa. Steve and Pauline from Rum Doodle have treated the boys to several day / night stays – what a treat to have a night to ourselves !

The next month is more of the same until we head into Paradise Village on the 1st April when our dear friend Dede from Joss will make a special trip down to take care of the boys while we head off for a week’s holiday (from what you may well ask!)

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