Caleta San Juanico to San Carlos

After the usual pleasant cruising around the Loreto area we finally headed North to Caleta San Juanico, just some 18 miles.  Nothing changes from year to year in these anchorages; coming back to some of them is like going home.  Perhaps a couple of extra yachts, though this year all is very quiet.

We managed two beach BBQ’s, the first one with our friends, Steve and Pauline rom Rum Doodle and Mike and Dede from Joss.  The diving was excellent, with some good grouper and snapper.  It has been rather early in the year for the winter Northerlies, though the whole summer has been not as hot as last year.

After waiting out a few days of particularly strong Northerlies, we made an early morning start for the Bay of Los Angles, some 190 miles to the North.  A pleasant start with fresh South Easterlies, meant good sailing, we even had the mainsail up!  By midnight we were well past Santa Rosalia with a freshening North Westerly that just continued to freshen to 25 – 30 knots, and basically on the nose.  As I had accepted the weather forecast for Easterlies, we were well offshore, and as is common around here a very unpleasant steep, short sea developed.  By early morning we finally decided to forget our plans and bore away towards San Carlos on the mainland.  The strong winds continued all day until we finally reached our old haunt from last year, not that we had any plans to come to San Carlos.  Our first damage in 6 years to sails happened when I managed to let the genoa sheet go and the sail flogged so much that some of the UV protection strip was stripped, along with a rather painful rope burn to my hand.

During the period of boisterous weather, with all of the crew very green, Melissa had the pleasure of a squid coming through a very small hatch opening and landing on her leg.  As you can imagine, it definitely woke her up, plus the rather copious amount of ink all over the sheets, and walls had her wondering how it could happen.

The weather continues to be dominated by Northerlies, so if by next week they have not given us a window to head North we will give up and wander back to the Loreto area and finally La Paz – yes the Credit Cards finally arrived.  The winter is approaching quickly as in San Carlos we need to wear some clothes and have a blanket on the bed.

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