North To Loreto

After the protracted wait for Credit Cards we finally called it quits and headed North to Isla San Francisco, Isla Monserrate and finally onto our favourite spot at Isla Coranados.  The normal South Easterlies have been rather absent this year making some of the usual anchorages unpleasant in the variable Northerlies.  A couple of Tropical Depressions have passed by giving Sonrisa a good washdown.

All the anchorages have been very quiet, just a couple of yachts wandering around with our friends on Joss and Rum Doodle.

Our good friends from La Paz, Lindsey, with daughters Hanna and Sophia along with Maria Teresa visited for a pre Ben’s birthday party at Isa Coranados – a busy time with Mel and the girls off for a couple of early morning mountain climbs while ashore pirate treasure hunts and BBQ’s made all happy.

Now we will spend another few weeks in the Loreto area until continuing North (Northerlies permitting), hopefully without any cyclones.  Sonrisa needs some minor bottom work which we plan to do at bay Don Juan where we can careen her.

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