The Waiting Game

As I mentioned in our last posting we were waiting for some new Credit Cards from Tasmania – well we are still waiting.  Despite being a delightful place to wait it confirms our desire to live ‘outside’ the system, as even this simple hiccup annoys us, no doubt we would be ‘stressed’ out if we had to face this every day!

We ended up staying nearly 3 weeks around Isla San Francisco, though it was rather different than the quiet winters.  Numerous large and small motor boats, with their fleet of accompanying jet-skis and fizz boats makes the anchorage almost unbearable.  I am particularly ‘pissed off’ when a jet-ski, driven by a child, passes within metres of Sonrisa – no wonder so many places have them banned.  While working in Turkey I saw two body bags come ashore due to carless drivers. Most respond with a shrug when I mention that they are totally banned in all islands which are all in National Parks.

Most of our time at Isla San Francisco is spent walking along the numerous tracks or sitting in the sand searching for Pukka shells (they all have a natural hole) which Mel and the boys make into delightful necklaces and jewelry – Mel even being asked to supply a local shop when they saw the one she was wearing.

Last year we found giant squid washed up on a nearby beach – they were longer than Huon, this time we found a smaller one (some 600 mm)  washed up, and luckily still alive.  We decided it was worth the effort, to take back to Sonrisa where, after Mel had cut it horizontally as it was so thick, we gave it a quick cook on the BBQ – it was very tasty!

We are now (August 20th) back in La Paz after nearly two weeks at Puerto Balandra, just some 15 miles out from la Paz, a popular weekend spot for the locals, finally as the school holidays finish, we have it to ourselves.  Joss our good friends Mike and Dede turned up the other day from Puerto Vallarta, spent a few days with us and then started their sail North.  Still no Credit Cards, but we live in hope that they will arrive soon and that the cyclones passing up the West of Baja do not make a turn East.

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