Paradise Village

The last month has been spent in the comfortable security of the Paradise Village Marina – not our normal sort of situation, a rather artificial environment to say the least.  However with Mel’s mum Annie and husband Peter, happily settled in one of the appartments, it was certainly very convenient.

Easy access to the beach, several pools, and with a hire car at the ready we were able to do plenty of exploring in the local area.  Unfortunately Annie had a rather nasty fall while up at San Sebastian on the way up to Mt Buffo, which resulted in a few days in hospital and some agonizing changes to their travel plans. In the end they stayed an extra week.  With the kind help of Mike and Dede from Joss who let them use their house in Washington State they were able to eventually continue with their original travel plans of a cruise to Alaska.

Now that the weather has turned to hot and humid with the start of the cyclone season we will slowly start the long trek northwards via La Paz up the Sea of Cortez to the Bay of Los Angeles.

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