Leaving La Paz

Melissa enjoyed her week’s holiday to Phoenix with Mike and Dede, plenty of shopping for the boys schooling and picking up all of the orders we have made over the last month.  One of the small niggles about cruising without a fixed address is trying to obtain deliveries, particularly into Mexico.  Technically we should be allowed to import goods into Mexico duty free as we are a “yacht in transit” though the customs department does not see it this way.

I enjoyed (?) the week with the boys, though Huon did find mum’s absence rather troubling, deciding that school was not on.

The day Melissa returned we all went for lunch on ‘Centinela’ a 42 m motor yacht docked at the Costa Brava marina. A charter guest we had in Yugoslavia on Solaia, Mr Monolo Arango, had invited us.  It was a delightful reunion as he met the boys for the first time.  He has been involved in extensive environmental concerns in the Sea of Cortez which made for interesting conversation.

This weekend we will start the 3 day sail down to Puerto Vallarta, where we will pick up the rest of our deliveries from ‘Joss’, with the usual Northerlies predicted it should be a good sail.

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