A Month in La Paz

After a month in La Paz we are starting to feel rather normal with the boy’s school routine and all the conveniences of city life.  For us, all a bit hectic with dentist visits all round, medical check-ups, reading glasses and a few serious purchases.  A couple of second hand SUP’s (Stand Up Paddle Boards) means another form of water transport and exercise opportunity. Another (last) solar panel has to be installed (Now a total of 7 x 130 Watts) as Mel has ordered another freezer.

Mel’s father, Tony paid us a quick weekend visit while he was en route from France to business in the USA – a delightful time as the boys met another close family member and Tony had his first encounter with Huon.  This week Mel is taking a holiday (yawn!) in Phoenix visiting our good friends on Joss.  As we have (again) ordered a bunch of stuff delivered to their address Mel felt it necessary to help pack their car and top up on her shopping activities.

The weather continues to be excellent, crisp evenings and sunny days, with the occasional blustery day with Northerly winds.  We had a big move into the La Paz marina for a few hours while Ben’s classmates paid us a visit to see our home – Mel as usual provided a wonderful meal and gave the kids a real taste of life on Sonrisa.  Also on at this time is the La Paz carnival, all the standard fair activities and some very smartly appointed floats – for the boys a first time so an exciting time.

La Paz really is an easy town to enjoy and we can see how so many yachts hang up their cruising shoes and become semi-permanent residents.  The bulk are American or Canadian that fly down for the Northern winter and return home for the hot summers – Snow Birds so they say.

When Mel returns a few days to tidy up and then time to move down to Puerto Vallarta.


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