La Paz

For us over here in Mexico and our friends in Tasmania 2013 has started with some trepidation.  Our local community around the SE of Tasmania centred on the small village of Dunnally has seen some terrible bush fires, most of the town has gone and some very close friends have been devastated.  Unfortunately this is not an uncommon occurrence during the summer months.  With the hottest day on record in Hobart – 41.8 Deg C and strong northerly winds bush fires are always just around the corner.  After a wet winter there is always plenty of fuel lying around – we were lucky (by some 1 Km) that our orchard, cottages and shed were not torched.

Strong, cool Northerlies here in La Paz have made life very different to the sweltering summers.  We can easily see how some cruisers get stuck here, the facilities are excellent with an eclectic mix of cruisers making a permanent home in the marinas and anchorages in front of town.  The big change for us is that Ben and Huon are now attending a local school ‘Montessori Del Mar’ , some 10 minutes from Marina De La Paz, off which we are anchored for the next month.  While it is great that they are spending some time with other children and learning (which appears very hard on Sonrisa) Spanish etc the daily routine on Sonrisa is very much changed from our tranquil island existence.

Ben starts at 0730, which means a 0630 start (it’s still dark) for Mum and Dad ! Huon is at 0900 and then to complicate matters Huon finishes at 1300 and Ben at 1430 – plenty of action in the dinghy (especially when it is blowing 20 Knots in the anchorage).  Poor Ben has had two visits to the dentist, despite all our best efforts at oral hygiene he has had to have a root canal filling done after a serious infection – strange considering that they are allowed so few sweet foods.

One of the wonderful parts of cruising is that plans are always set in mud, and so often one’s life can change easily depending on the conditions and environment.  We often feel privileged to take time out to enjoy a place without the need to rush on.  A minor niggle has been that we were unable to obtain Visa’s when we crossed into Mexico by bus in April 2012, this was easily solved by our agent  that simply suggested that we had just arrived from the USA so now we are legally in Mexico for the next 6 months.

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