The Ben Parents Visit


November rolls on along with the enjoyable visits of Ian and Lynne Lyon (The boys Ben’s parents) and Celine our dear friend from La Rochelle, France.  For both we were blessed with excellent weather, with Ian and Lynne we circumnavigating Island Carmen, which allowed us to visit some new anchorages and then finally a few days at Honeymoon anchorage on Danzante Island.


Ian and Lynne flew all the way from Australia to be with us, as usual with long distance airline travel the inevitable delay by Qantas meant that instead of a simple flight from LA to Loreto, they flew to Mexico City, for an overnight stay, then onto La Paz and finally a 5 hour taxi ride – how anyone can say that airline travel is enjoyable beats me !  Still we had a delightful time and they were able to experience our ‘real’ life afloat.


During Celine’s week Huon turned three, so a fab rocket cake by Mel, along with a few other yachties provided a memorable occasion.  After all of her high profile work in Paris Celine was able to slow down (stop) to our tranquil pace, we all thoroughly enjoyed her company, a perfect guest as she has worked on yachts and already visited for several weeks in the San Blaas, Panama.


After a Sunday market trip and hopefully a final visit for me to the dentist to fit a crown we can start our meander down towards La Paz, as there are numerous good anchorages on the way we have no idea when we will arrive, probably before Christmas.  Our next scheduled visit – Mels mum, Annie in May 2013, plenty of time to prepare.


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