The Old Haunts

The Old Haunts

After a quiet overnight motor from Santa Rosalia we returned to Los Mujeres, one of our favourite anchorages up North.  This time a small detachment of naval  ‘special forces’ was camped at the end of ‘our’ beach! They were watching for marijuana drug runners running up the Sea of Cortez, a pleasant bunch of guys, ready for a chat and a beer – probably good to make friends with them.

Mel baked a few cookies and cakes to put a bit of sparkle in there somewhat meager provisions – we were rewarded with 3 sizeable octopus. I finally succumbed to bashing the hell out of them – and boy what a difference it made, after cooking and adding sauces they were excellent tucker. Once again a very tranquil spot, no other yachts ( apart from our friends LoLo) to be seen, several good grouper so fond memories again.

This time we decided to look at a few of the Midriff Islands, to the east of canal de Salsipuedes.  These deep channels and narrow part of the Sea make for some fairly brisk currents – up to 4 knots around headlands.  We spent a night at Caleta Blanca on the Northern end of Isla las Animas and  on the Northern side of Isla Partida, both pleasant enough, but lacking the beautiful white sandy beaches on the Baja side of the Sea.

After three weeks the fresh supplies are running low, Mel really doing a good job with these, her individual packages and wrapping making all the difference.  A few days at Ensenada el Quemado (The Burnt Bay)  before heading to Mona beach,  some 5 miles SE of the town in the Bay of Los Angeles.  Here we found excellent clam digging, Mel and BJ swam with a 30 foot whale shark – very impressive !  A serious 40 knot blow gave us a reality check, while well protected from the waves the wind sent us scurrying around to stop loose stuff disappearing – our weathered bean bag vanished promptly.  The following two days of rain and drizzle was a welcome relief from the 40 Deg C plus heat.

Now hanging off the town of LA, not much has changed since last year, hopefully some fresh vegs before we head back out to the islands.

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