The Heat Sets In

Another month wizzes past, not sure where the days all go.  After leaving Coranados Island we spent nearly 3  weeks at Bahia San Juanico, a deserted beach, good diving, spearfishing and the odd walk – easy living.  A few other cruising yachts passed by on the way north, normally only staying a day or two.

The days are rapidly warming (around 40C) along with the sea (around 28C) and the clear skies means chillin time from 1000 to 1500 as it just too easy to get burnt.  The bonus with all this sun is that the solar panels are keeping pace with the constant fan usage and watermaker while the solar oven is used almost every day from baking bread and muffins to an evening roast chicken or fish stew.

From San Juanico a short hop to Bahia San Nicholas, a magic long stretch of sandy beach. Again a stop at Bahia Santo Domingo, the North Eastern peninsula tip of bahia Concepcion  which we had visited on the way down from San Marcos earlier in the season – this time the bees were just overwhelming so only a night’s stay.  Into the Bahia Concepcion for a meal at ‘Lupito’s’ wonderful beach bar, great anchorage but being so far down the bay just too hot to spend much time looking around. Finally a week at one of our favourite anchorges, Caleta de los Arcos, Isla San Marcos, while only a small pebbly beach the grand sea cave makes for a wonderfully cool playground for the kids.  The sail north providing the only trolling success, a good sized Mahi Mahi which promptly jumped off the boarding platform!

Here we had a major social event with our companions LoLo, a pirate BBQ, along with a fabulous treasure hunt, Melissa and Rosanna excelling with treasure map and numerous pirate games.

We are now in Santa Rosalia for reprovisioning – fairly serious shopping as we know the only other accessible town, Los Angeles village some 120 miles north of Santa Rosalia has minimal food supplies.  As we will be a few months in this area Melissa ‘really went to town’!  The town is in revival mode as the original copper mine has reopened after twenty years – though still very hot and sticky. As usual, a couple of days in town has us itching to get back to deserted anchorages and beach activities, though with three large loads of washing (wash, dry and folded) for some $16 Mel was very happy.

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