A Good Start to the Season

A delightful and speedy sail from San Carlos to San Marcos started the season in great form, some 72 miles in 8 ½ hours is quick for the heavily laden Sonrisa. All the repairs and additions while in Guyamas appear to be working in good order.   I even managed to get the fickle watermaker back into full production by (finally, after changing everything else) replacing the two small electric pumps, like everything they don’t last forever!

Now two weeks down the road we are at Bahia Candeleros, some 20 miles south of Loreto, Baja California. Good and relaxed cruising all the way, even the fairly breezy Southerlies have not been a problem.  The new solar panels and batteries have taken all the headaches away from the electrical side, we are now truly running on renewable energy.  The solar oven has been in near constant use for muffins, bread, fish casseroles, baked chicken – with a pleasant reduction in the amount of propane used.

The boys have settled back into the Sonrisa life easily, Ben managing a few hours per day at the books while Huon almost amuses himself.  Mel busy again with the study books and I have the usual list of minor chores and projects.  Mike and Dede on Joss are around most of the time, so some good diving and shore excursions.

We have moved on quite quickly compared to our normal dawdling ways, finally meeting up with LoLo, Petter, Rossana, Teddy (5) and Poppy (1) onboard.  We had been chatting with them via email, having been brought together by another cruising yacht.  Lots in common, with Ben and Teddy hitting it off in splendid fashion.

All of the anchorages, Bahia Cocepcion, Punta Pulpito, Caleta an Juanico, the town of Loreto (yummy fresh vegetables at the Sunday market) and finally here in Bahia Candeleros have been excellent.  We shall be looking forward to a very slow return northward as I think this is as far south as we will get, with already an early cyclone down south.

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