A Day Time Job

Since we have returned to San Carlos days have wizzed past – seems like I have a normal 9 -5 job taking off in the car for the enjoyable half hour drive to the Guaymas shipyard.  Often the days passes without a comment to anyone – 10 minutes for a morning cuppa and the same for lunch – so much for the retired life!

Last week I took a quick 3 day trip to Phoenix with Mike from ‘Joss’ – the 10 hour bus ride was pleasant enough (no kids and tons of baggage), as usual nothing from the Mexican side and a cursory glance from the American border.   Mike’s mum and dad made me very welcome, though I did find the numerous and monotonous look alike houses a bit strange. The car was ‘chokkers’ on the way back, with new batteries and  Mel’s  stash from Wholefoods, Trader Joes, Walmart, Costco etc etc. besides Mike’s new SUP and his stores. A green light at the border meant that we had absolutely no contact with US or Mexican customs or immigration – suits me.

Ben has been busy with his new online schooling (well after several attempts by Mel to get a correct login) – not sure how it will fare once we have the very odd internet connection – though he (like most kids) has a ready grasp of all the computer skills.  Huon is just being himself and pushing the destruct button – being calm and patient is the only way (until we loose the plot also!)  They had a great time at the Dolphin park – a special session for them as they usually only cater for large groups, as usual a few $$ made the difference.

Hopefully launching next Thursday, Lupita will have the boys for the day so Mel can help me, though after the 4 days to get hauled out in November we are not holding our breath about them sticking to the schedule.  All in all plenty of tidying up on Sonrisa, along with the new batteries, ‘Beenjamin’ the sailing dinghy is now secure on proper chocks, we have two extra solar panels, new antifouling, new painted boottop, New rudder bearings, new saildrive seals, new water inlets, antifouled boarding platforms (the boarding ladder has Huon pine steps!) – looking forward to some proper cruising.

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