Back in Mexico

5 days in Foster, some 2 hours South East of Melbourne, was the perfect way to break from Tasmania and prepare for the two day trip back to Sonrisa.  Ian and Lynne Lyon, the boys ‘Benparents’ hospitality had no bounds, with plenty of invigorating walks, wonderful home cooking, go-karting, football matches etc.  Their grown family, Sophie, Kate and Sam made us all feel totally at home.  Our final meal in Melbourne, with the boys being baby-sitted by Sophie and Kate was a real treat.

The 15 hour flight to Los Angles went pretty well, apart from Huon losing the plot for half an hour, screaming his head off made us feel pretty sad for the other passengers nearby.  We have learnt that any form of physical punishment is just a waste of time, seems like it just makes matters worse – having the patience to let him get it out of his system can be very trying!

A few hours in a hotel in Phoenix calmed the team down before the long 10 hour bus trip to Guaymas – this normally requires 2 two luggage checks at the USA border and the Mexican border.  For whatever reason this time we did not have to get off once, the Amercians had no interest in us leaving and the Mexicans none for us entering, no passport checks, nothing. Again we will have to decide if we can be bothered trying to get visas to Mexico.

The only hiccup was when we got off the bus in Guaymas at 0530 to realize one of the bags was still on the bus, no worries as the driver left it at another stop just 10 minutes down the road. Back in San Carlos nothing had changed, the key to our rented house, the same as last time was in the right place, our friends car was available again and Sonrisa, while being covered in dust was neat and tidy inside.

Over the next few weeks I will finish the rudder repairs, paint on a new boot top,  complete the new supports for an additional two solar panels, install the sailing dinghy chocks and generally get her ready for launching in mid May. With the weather bright and sunny all day, in the mid 20’s and pleasantly crisp at night it is an ideal time to prepare for the hot summer to come.

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