Movin On

With just a few days to go until we shift home back to Sonrisa and Mexico there is plenty of activity around the orchard.  Final goodbye’s to all of our wonderful friends was held at the Waterfront Café, seems like this could become a regular occasion.  Melissa has been packing for the last week, I’m not sure it is physically possible to fit all of the ‘stuff’ into 5 small bags but Mel will try very hard.  Whether we need to take a rather large assortment of food to Mexico is a bit doubtful – well that’s my thoughts!

As we have rented out the ‘shed’ all of the furniture etc. has to be packed up so a few extra days will be required compared to the normal procedure.  The orchard has a ‘short back and sides’ after several days pruning, the irrigation is all in working order and chicken shit has been well spread.

The boys have the last few days at school and day care, while they seem keen to get back to Sonrisa we are sure they will miss all of their good friends – after so many years of departures we take it pretty easily, perhaps not so for them.  Tasmania in the summer is still one of the most relaxed and enjoyable places on this planet, we still feel lucky to call it home, though as daylight saving finishes, the frosts start and the days cool it is definitely time to move on.

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