The Days Speed By

Already, the first week in March and still so much to do. The social activities continue unabated with a delightful long weekend at Cradle Mountain in the North of Tasmania with Ben and Huon’s, Ben parents Ian and Lynne Lyon. A bit of drizzle did not stop us enjoying a 5 hour walk to Dove Lake.

The weekend before two blistering hot days (35+ Celcius) meant that the lunch parties were held outside, with a refreshing swim at Marion Bay afterwards, even the evenings were balmy which is unusual.  Finally, the orchard looks reasonably presentable and tidy, pruning will start this week after my cousin Peter BM shows me the basics.  As a very intermittent orchardist I find that each return visit to Lavagna is a steep learning curve, if only I could get this knowledge to reside in my porous memory!

Ben’s sports day at school tomorrow, plus Mark and Jenee, another yachting couple, will be visiting for a few days.  Some welcome rain and cold after a short dry spell makes one think Summer is almost over. With just a month until we return to Sonrisa we need to pull out the proverbial finger, such is the pace of retired life!


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