Sun and Surf at North Marion Bay

As the school holidays finally end we have been treated to some wonderful beach trips to North Marion Bay, some 15 minutes from Lavagna through rich dairy country. For the first time in many years 4 days of continuous surf has left me pleasantly mellow – the fact that I actually survived was something, but to also catch some waves and not freeze to death made it all the more satisfying.

On the best day there were over 50 surfers out at Boneyard – not fun for an old dog so we took the speedboat out to another break, Monuments with only 8 in the water, not as good as Boneyard but much more agreeable.  Our good friend Mandy made a short visit from Sydney, a delight to catch up with her after a few years.

The social calendar looks, thankfully, empty for the next couple of weeks, this along with Ben starting school will make for some relaxing work time around the orchard.  Sometimes even relaxing can be busy!

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