New Year to Australia Day


Summer has finally kicked in with long warm sunny days (and the occasional night).  All the usual festive rounds of BBQ’s and visitors has kept us busy.  Mel’s mum Annie and her husband Pete (Poppy) had 10 delightful days at ‘Beachbreaks’ while we savoured a free night from the boys and the boys took full advantage of their presence.  A few fishing trips out into Marion Bay provided plenty of ‘flatties’ (flathead) and squid, which Mel presented with her typical flair at dinner.

The apricot stand on Bay Road made for a welcome pocket money bonus, bags of fresh apricots, jam and chutney needed twice daily attention, the boys actually being useful picking up the apricots from the ground.  The local barter trade was in full swing with vegetables, milk and eggs being swapped for our fruit, the only one missing out being the tax man! Now the apples are nearly ripe along with the pears, plums and nashies.

The long Australia Day weekend saw us head down to Lime Bay for 4 days camping, along with local friends and kids.  Although the site was packed all went smoothly – Dan and guitar providing the perfect evening’s entertainment.  A delightful ‘discovery ranger’ Sarah really gave the boys lots to consider about the bush and animals – tea and damper, a sound walk (no speaking) and an evening spotlight stroll had them enthralled, if only this could happen every day!

A midday, half hour stroll via moulting lagoon to Lagoon Beach showed how Tasmania’s beaches are some of the most beautiful and pristine in the world and so close to home.  A friendly meeting with Eric and Ilsa from Holland, who were on a  short summer holiday kept the conversation lively and involved until the wee hours of the night.  Even back at ‘home’ we find meeting new friends, particularly from other countries, still a treat and education.  The boys are learning quickly to appreciate travel and its associated pleasures.

Mel has one day a week at the local café cooking cakes and biscuits, a short  respite from busy Ben and Huon, though with just a few weeks until Ben starts his first full school week life will take on a serious change.  I am enjoying the SUP (stand up paddle board), at the moment concentrating on getting the paddling right before trying it out in the surf.  No question it uses numerous strange and unknown muscles, all painfully letting me know their existence the next day.


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