Giday 2012

As is typical in Bream Creek a very quiet Christmas and New Year, The Falls Festival puts us on the map as 16,000 people radically changes the scenery for 3 days.  All is well oiled operation, just a few minor traffic changes for the locals, this year delightful weather ensure a fun time for all.  Our trusty old roadside stall is stocked with cherries and apricots, while only a drop in expenses of the orchard it is still a treat to see all the fruit gone and the honesty tin rattling with coins.

I finally managed a surf when Boneyard had a pleasant morning session, Wakka using the SUP (Stand Up Paddle board).  To top off a delightful morning we managed 15 good sized flathead – a bountiful ocean.  I had used a SUP while in Florida, which seems to be the next waterborne fad.  Just a big mal with plenty of stability and a long paddle – so simple that one wonders why they haven’t been around for yonks.  I will try and get an early morning paddle in every couple of days, the first hour session really showing me which muscles are unused – stiff all over!.

We now have 10 days before a relatively constant stream of friends and family join us over the next two months. Otherwise, boys, dog, chooks, mowing and wippersnipping will mean busy days.  

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