Festive Season

Another festive season is here and soon gone – we are finding it hard to get into the Christmas spirit as not being religious and feeling that the whole celebration has been kidnapped by commercial interests then there is little left apart from our normal happy family which we enjoy every day.  We want Ben and Huon to enjoy the concept of good will to humanity but also to realize what it all means in real terms – not just the presents.  Mel and I enjoyed a day’s outing to “Mona” – The Old and New art gallery just outside Hobart, for Tasmania, a really interesting experience.  Lunch, gave Mel a chance to see what is happening in Nuevo Cuisine while I enjoyed the tranquility of a meal without screaming boys.

Our family has been enlarged for a few months as we now have two chooks and two chicks to look after – hopefully a few eggs will add to the involvement.  Also Wally, a 6 yo hound from the dogs home is with us to ensure we are kept on our toes – the boys now have several duties to get the day started.

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