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Domestic Bliss

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Another week zips past, hard to explain where the time goes considering we have no specific jobs or system to fit into.  When everything we do is because we really want to means that we have to be motivated and … Continue reading

San Carlos Guaymas Routine

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    San Carlos / Guaymas It’s been a long time since we had a specific daily routine, the 35 minute drive to Marina Guaymas, taking the scenic route, is very tranquil.  The roads are pretty decent, though the lane … Continue reading

Guaymas Haul Out

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Saturday night the 15th Oct and so far all is quiet, last weekend the duff duff music, from the back of a car parked 10 metres from the house, started at around 0200 and finished at 0600 – as I … Continue reading

San Carlos and Surburbia

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Now back in surburbia, Mexican style.  Our little rental house is near the main intersection going into San Carlos, next to the construction of a new supermarket, and near a hotel – but there is a view of the beach.  … Continue reading

La Gringa to San Carlos

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Several miles north of Los Angeles is the expansive bay of La Gringa, hard to miss with the facing hill covered with white painted rocks ‘ WELCOME TO LA GRINGA’.  An interesting small tidal lagoon at the end of the … Continue reading