A Tranquil Interlude

Every time we return to Tasmania it takes a few weeks to get used to the daily, hourly changes in the weather.  As the fronts pass through, one day could have a freezing SW wind, showers mixed with torrential downpours and then by the afternoon be a clear sunny, crisp afternoon.  These changes are such a contrast to Mexico where for several weeks each day is the mirror of the previous one, both climates have their pros and cons, we are fortunate to enjoy equally.


Mel and the boys are now in Adelaide enjoying the attention of distant friends and family, meanwhile I am relaxing in the tranquil farm surroundings and constant chirping of our feathered friends.  Working in the orchard until mid-evening is a treat, there are few places in the world that can provide such a stress free environment – apart from a secluded anchorage!

On the weekend I assisted my father in bringing his 42 foot motor boat from Hobart to Dunnally where she was slipped.  The coast line along the way brought back many memories as we passed several surf spots and fishing grounds, one day we will look forward to gunk holing all bays and inlets.   Because the sea is virtually always in view, and there is only the odd soul around I do not get the melancholy feelings that surface when inland, again I need the odd pinch to confirm reality can be so similar to a contented dream.

Progress in the orchard is rather slow, to say the least, the continuing rain making mowing difficult.  I have managed to net about 30 cherry trees, though the Musk Lorikeets and Green Rosellas (I think) have already stripped several bare – a good thing we are not commercial! Their happy warbling and calls are delightful along with their vibrant green and red plumage mean I harbor no animosity to them, they are just living like us.

Over the several years of the orchards existence we have considerably changed our views about how to maintain it (OK a lot to do with funding also).  Initially we wanted to keep it all neat and tidy (A yacht Captains attitude?), protect the trees and ensure they were producing as much fruit as possible, which now seems so pointless as we are normally overseas.  We will  now do just enough to keep it orderly – trees that basically cannot survive on their own accord should probably not be there and definitely don’t need us to use anything which may possibly harm this fantastic natural environment .






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