San Carlos to Lavagna, Tasmania

The contrast could not have been more defined – dry, arid and volcanic Mexico, soft, lush and green Tasmania, both countries are delightful and home to us. Flying back into Hobart always brings a warm and comfortable sensation, looking forward to visiting family and friends we have not seen for 20 months.

The 48 hour trip from San Carlos to Marion Bay comprised a 10 hour overnight bus ride, 8 hours in Phoenix with our friends Mike and Dede, an hour flight to Los Angeles , several hours with Paul and Vangie friends of Mike and Dede, a 15 hour flight to Melbourne, several hours with Sophie and then the hour flight to Hobart, finally ending with the 40 minute drive to Lavagna. The boys were well behaved the whole trip, though mum and dad did end up a bit grumpy at the end.

Lavagna was a veritable jungle, grass waist high, fruit trees sprouting all over and wildlife popping up everywhere.  Within a few days Mel and I both had mobile phones (well we already had them but with new sim cards.  My old 2002 Nokia was still operational, even after 3 years of non use – quite amazing!) and a mobile broad band internet connection.  Rather strange to be paying for a wifi service after our pirated connection in San Carlos.

New Car and tractor batteries brought us back to earth with the high cost of living here compared to Mexico.  BJ is in school 3 days a week and Huon will have two days a week child care.  Mel and the boys head off to Adelaide on the 26th for two weeks – a 20 year school reunion for Mel will be a good laugh and after a Ward family get together.

Plenty of mowing and general gardening will keep me busy, along with the numerous small projects that always seem to crop up.   

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