Domestic Bliss

Another week zips past, hard to explain where the time goes considering we have no specific jobs or system to fit into.  When everything we do is because we really want to means that we have to be motivated and stimulated to get on with life, though we could just as easily vegetate drinking beer like many.

Mel is revising for another exam with the help of Lupita, our Mexican housekeeper and nanny – she is such a treat, pleasant and chatty while taking instantly to Ben and Huon, plus happy to get stuck into the cleaning.  She took the boys for 6 hours yesterday, without a whimper from Huon – now if we could only get her to come to Tasmania!

Sonrisa is half antifouled, it takes 6 hours to put on four coats over a quarter of each hull, one immediately after the other but because the Coppercoat only has a pot life of 30 minutes in these temperatures, I have to mix it in 350 ml batches, so the 16 litres will take 48 mixes, all time consuming but as I am the applicator no worries.  Thankfully all the rollers etc wash out in water.

After the rudders returned from the machine shop with their new nylon bearings (done right first time!) I noticed several spots of weeping and bubbling, classic signs of osmosis which is really not cricket on a modern fiberglass yacht.  At least they will have time to dry out while we are away.

I could get used to leaving the home for several hours of quality work time and return to an enthusiastic welcome from Mel and the boys – perhaps we should lead this standard form of existence for a bit longer!

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