San Carlos Guaymas Routine



San Carlos / Guaymas

It’s been a long time since we had a specific daily routine, the 35 minute drive to Marina Guaymas, taking the scenic route, is very tranquil.  The roads are pretty decent, though the lane markings and other drivers can be rather strange.  Mel and the boys have a system at the house which is still based on Huon taking a late morning nap, as this gets progressively shorter, Mels study time moves likewise.  It all works pretty well, with the temperature still warm we crank up the air con which is quite a treat.

Another wedding anniversary wizzed buy, this makes 9 so, considering my poor past record, a decent innings.  Our Ben’s parents (OK God parents) Ian and Lynne, from Atoll Travel  had a staff member, Carlene, in Los Angles who popped down for a longish weekend holiday– you beaut, a baby sitter ! So for the first time in yonks we managed a quiet meal out. Sunday afternoon, after a quick visit to Sonrisa, was spent relaxing at the Soggy Peso bar doing what comes naturally, drinking beer and playing in the sand.

The job list is slowly being worked through, new sail drive seals installed, rudders removed and taken to the local welding shop where they will turn up 4 new top bearings out of Delrin, for the same price as 2 from Lagoon.  The water inlet holes in the saildrive legs have been filled as I will replace them with normal skin fittings and valves – which will stop the corrosion.  A couple of healthy young men a rubbing down the old Coppercoat antifouling, so I can do the easy part of applying the new.

Hopefully by Nov 7th when we head back to Tasmania, I should have the majority of underwater work completed –though I still think we will need a few more weeks when we return to get all the other odds and ends completed – may as well make the most of the cheap hardstand prices.

Mel also sorting through piles of winter clothes we have been carrying around for 4 years and plenty of other accumulated junk, apart from checking the medical kit, cleaning out the weevil infested food lockers, and while we have access to a washing machine anything that can possibly be washed.


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