Guaymas Haul Out

Saturday night the 15th Oct and so far all is quiet, last weekend the duff duff music, from the back of a car parked 10 metres from the house, started at around 0200 and finished at 0600 – as I soundly slept on Sonrisa Mel and Huon went without – Bj seems to be able to sleep through anything.  When I arrived at 0900 the music was again going full bore – I, rather stupidly, thought a quiet chat in Spanish would help, however the drugs and alcohol had again kicked in so I was given the royal finger and told to F…………… off.  The manager of the hotel was apologetic, even the police were unable to sort it out, smashed windows the end result.

Apart from this the move ashore has gone well, though I have repaired a broken toilet flush, chair, kitchen draw, several lights …………..  As it is a modern house the ceiling fans and lights have an on / off switch on the wall as normal but there is also a remote, actually 4 for the house and to turn on the lights or fans one must activate the remote control, but these have been hidden because Huon just loves to turn things on – the result is much cursing just so we can have the lights – far to modern for my likes.

After being promised 100% that Sonrisa would be hauled out at 0900 I departed San Carlos at 0430 Wednesday – wonderfully calm for the first 15 minutes, the incoming tide reducing  our SOG (OK for those that are not into nautical stuff, speed over ground)  I gradually wound the Port motor up to 2500 RPM which is VERY unusual.  A bumpy and unpleasant trip to say the least, so glad that Mel and the boys were sleeping at home.  Mel arrived at 0830 to help with the haul out – we just never learn!  A large shrimp boat was in the slip being spray painted so by lunch time we headed back to San Carlos for a few hours then back to Sonrisa to sleep aboard – a promise of next morning looking unrealistic.

The whole process is complicated because we need the large travel crane (probably the only downside to having a 25 foot beam) which is operated by the commercial yard next to the yacht storage yard.  Shrimping is big business here with several haul out facilities around the bay, along with a number of sunk and derelict boats, sand blasting, spray painting are in continuous operation (the Australian health and work place regulators would have a fun day) .

While our yard manager, Gabriel was sympathetic the commercial yard manager had other ideas. Tony, our Aussie mate had recounted to me the story of a motor boat that was supposed to be launched in November, but due to travelcrane ‘technical’ problems was eventually launched in March the following year.  Having resigned ourselves to a long wait we were surprised by the sudden rush to get us into the slip as the shrimp boat was pulled out for 15 minutes – we were finally in the slip by 1300.  Grinding and welding within metres of Sonrisa made me very nervous – I could write a good short story on how many times these metal activities have caused havoc on paintwork with a layer of rust appearing the following day.

By midafternoon we were finally at rest, rudders out, much easier to lift Sonrisa a few metres than to dig a 2 metre hole! Finally tally of several scratches to the stick on boot top, ripped out depth sounder transducer and large dollops of grease and hydraulic oil on the decks were not enough to make me miserable – perhaps I am finally coming to terms with living in Mexico.

So a rather set routine for the coming weeks, I leave for ‘work’ at 0800 and will return around 1730 while Mel has the boys in ‘hopefully’ in domestic bliss – OK so a dream world but then a break from our usual holiday routine will be a welcome change.

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