San Carlos and Surburbia

Now back in surburbia, Mexican style.  Our little rental house is near the main intersection going into San Carlos, next to the construction of a new supermarket, and near a hotel – but there is a view of the beach.  After only a few days here we are overwhelmed with the pace of modern life (and early morning parties) but I have managed to set up our wiz bang wifi aerial so have pirated a nearby internet connection for free, I guess a plus or bonus.

The boys and mum are happy with room to move, hot showers (when there is water pressure) and a washing machine which has not stopped since we arrived.  I make a nightly return to Sonrisa as she sits happily in the protected bay – until she is on the hard I feel much more comfortable staying onboard at night. Our friends Mark and Clara have very generously lent us a car so we are also mobile – hell we might be paying taxes soon!

I visited the haul out facility last Friday, as for the last month we were planning for a Monday haul out, we are realizing plans in Mexico mean little so now we are looking at Thursday. A couple of Hurricanes down south and some associated strong Northerly’s here are also creating a bit of concern.

I had better mention Mel got 94% for her last Nutritional Exam – happy faces all round.

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