Cala Mujeres to pueblo Los Angeles

After 4 days of the delightful Cala Mujeres we motored north the 30 miles to the ‘Slot’ on the Eastern end of Bay Animas, the light easterly providing no help.  With just enough room for a couple of yachts, we anchored under steep, barren ochre hills and cliffs, while many cruisers enjoy these close surroundings it is not really our favourite sort of location, we prefer more open views and a bigger expanse of beach.  Again, late in the evening, on our way in we hooked another decent Mai Mai – a big old bull with all the previous evidence of  some hard battles.

The following morning it took a few hours to decide that the anchorage behind Isla Pescador and to the south of the point with the same name was ideal, almost a mile of fine white beach, and some good rocky patches at the point for snorkeling.  A few large palapas ashore looked strangely out of place, along with the several small one room beach huts.  Our usual late afternoon stroll took us past a large generator humming away.  Joel ambled up to us with kind greetings and an offer of drinks and snacks.  Shortly work was to begin on a new hotel complex, the owner’s 70 foot power yacht out in the bay, the only other vessel to be seen.  The hospitality and welcome from the local Mexicans, as usual, persuasive.

For 4 days we peacefully enjoyed the serene anchorage at Ensanada Pescador, already planning a return visit in a week and again next year during the hot summer months, surely better than the heat of San Carlos.  ‘Beenjamin’ (BJ’s sailing dinghy)went sailing a couple of times in light afternoon breezes, BJ even showing a passing interest in steering, while trying to catch one of the numerous fish.  A traditional ‘Ozzie’ sausage BBQ topped off one of the spectacular sunsets.

 I managed to knock up yet another shade awning, this time for the starboard entrance – no doubt the midday solar rays are greatly reduced in the cooler shadows.

A two hour motor along the barren, volcanic points and bays brought us to the expansive anchorage off Los Angeles, I guess one would call this a town, probably better described in Spanish by ‘pueblo’.  The high mountain behind, strangely, reminding us of Hobart, Tasmania without the development and vegetation.  Mel and BJ ashore early the next morning to see what the local store had in stock, as expected, all the basic necessities, though, for the first time BJ was not allowed to use the toilet – we do have our limits! This afternoon a late lunch ashore and – hopefully – an internet connection so I can send this off.  Mel also keen to get her last exam back to her college for marking.


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