San Carlos to San Marcos

We finally headed out of melting heat in San Carlos Bay midmorning of the 1st Sept, the plan being an overnight sail South to Puerto Escondito on the East coast of Baja California, finally when we were headed by the rapidly increasing breeze we altered course to the West for Island San Marcos further North.  Always agreeable to happily change course when conditions deteriorate – no firm plans or commitments makes for contented cruising.

With the 20 odd knot breeze at some 60 deg apparent, the main remarkably raised and genoa we easily managed 7 knots.  The currents were strange to say the least, at one stage as we approached Isla Tortuga we were heading  25 degrees to the North of our destination, as we had the wind on our port side I would have expected us to be heading South of our destination to make up for leeway – the tracking facility on our autopilot making navigation particularly easy.

Just South of Isla Tortuga, a desolate and barren volcanic outcrop that juts out from 1200 foot depths we hooked a bonita , not our favourite fish so he went back.  With just an hour to sunset and time to head into the anchorage North of Punta Piedra Blanca Mel (as always) hooked a sizable Mai Mai, he gave a sterling fight, actually breaking our trusty rod below the reel where it sits in its railing holder. Truly the best tasting fish around!

Within hours of our anchoring the wind suddenly piped up to 30 knots, and the rain started.  For an hour we had an exhilarating lighting display, all the (rather close) rocks clearly displayed in almost continuous light – we really s……. ourselves with some extremely close strikes, lightning and the thunder crashes happening instantaneously, along with hair raising (literally) static discharges that are like the sound when standing near high voltage powerlines – not fun !

The last four days have been very tranquil , we moved a mile north to anchor off some interesting caves that we could all enjoy – the shade being very pleasant.  This morning, an early hike up to the highest peak  (no other participants for the 0530 start!) The views excellent, with a cool breeze from the North.   Just 2 hours to the NW is Santa Rosalita, an old copper mining town where we will provision with fresh goods and a few trips for the boys ashore.  A day or two then onto San Francisco bay some 70 miles to the North.


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