Visa Trip to USA

As usual we need to make a 6 monthly trip out of Mexico to renew our visas – we could make a one day trip but why not have some fun on the way to see our friends! This time we visited our good friends Max and Yoon in Sonoma Valley and Gareth and Lea in Edwards, Colorado.
All went smoothly with wonderful and happy moments at both places, hospitality which has no bounds – thanks to you all !!
The snow at Edwards (near Vail) was a treat for all, the boys loving snow men, rubber donuts, sleds and for Ben a short snowmobile ride. Dad found the prices a bit on the high side!!
After a long weekend at Cerritos / Pescadero where we are looking at land we are now back in the system, Ben rushing into school, Huon more reserved and apprehensive – hopefully he will settle in quickly.

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