Banderas Bay

On Easter Saturday, the 30th of March, we had an early start from La Cruz marina, heading to Barra Navidad, some 130 miles to the South.  The forecast was for reasonable Northerlies which would have been great, though as happens so often we have motored nearly the whole way, still better than too much wind. This little jaunt will make a pleasant change of scenery before we head into Paradise Village on the 1st of May to get ready for Pete and Annie (Mel’s mum) visit.

The last month has wizzed past again, after the tranquil few weeks at Punta Mita with just surfing and beach activities we headed back to La Cruz marina to catch up with Mike and Dede who kindly drove all of us into the mountains to San Sebastian.  Though only a few hours from Puerto Vallarta it is a world away, originally there due to silver mining, now a sleepy, quiet tourist town.  We stayed at the same simple Hotel Del Puente as two years ago – nothing had changed.  We were unable to find horse riding so we rented 4 ATV’s to get to the top of Mount Buffa, at some 2,600 metres, crisp mountain air with a magnificent view over Banderas Bay.

Steve and Pauline on ‘Rum Doodle’ were also in the bay, we joined them for two days of the Banderas Bay regatta, a broken steering cable slowed them up for one race but we still managed the last one – sunny, easy sailing, just about having fun, though the boys found their usual position behind a video screen.  A day at Paradise Village amongst the hordes had us scuttling back to La Cruz and the peace of Sonrisa.  New friends for Ben and Huon, plenty of washing and shopping for Mel, while I managed to knock off a few chores from the growing list. We took advantage of the good facilities to arrange for new covers, cushions and a Honda generator repair – we will need to get away from the shops to stem the constant $ outflows! It’s hard not to farm out polishing etc when the labour rates are so low.

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