Back to Cruising mode

Finally we are back in cruising mode, after being launched in Guaymas last Friday the 11th May.  While I took every precaution to protect Sonrisa in the travelcrane, there was nothing I could do about the idiot driver and shitty equipment.  After the plastic stick on boottop was damaged by the sand encrusted straps during haulout, I bought some cheap carpet to protect the sides while launching – even a halfwit could have taken a moment to get the carpet under the straps, but no, while I was not looking the driver managed to pull the carpet up the side – the fact it was right in front of him really made me wonder about his brain matter.  The hydraulic oil leak had not been repaired, so again we were thoroughly splashed all over with oil.  Even in the water we were not safe, as normally the crane drops the straps and moves forward in the slip to give the yacht a chance to get ready to leave the dock – not here as they proceeded to push Sonrisa into a nearby barge.  I will make every attempt to never haul there again!

With all the above hassles slipping by during the 5 hour motor from Guaymas to San Carlos life took on a more relaxed cruising mode.  Monday we moved out of the rented house and back onboard.  All the repairs seem to be working, though the watermaker needed a complete rebuild (again !) and the simple task of new netting on the bow took a few days to sort out – though it does look and feel great.

Another odd week to get things really tidied up, plus Mel’s usual provisioning trips will see us ready for a sail down towards La Paz, not actually sure of where we are going but that is the least of our worries.  The boys are back into swimming and shore trips to the beach and pool – a full day in the sun certainly means a good night’s sleep – for all of us!

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